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Proper sprinklers not only save water and labor but also give you a flourishing garden.
In most cases, you can pick up any sprinkler and connect it to a water source to water your garden neatly and uniformly. However, how do you choose an appropriate one? Are sprinkling angle and scope adjustment needed? Should a more durable nozzle be employed? How to install a proper sprinkler? Which sprinkler can best fit the rough ground of a garden, tile in range of 90-360 degree, fixed or bi-direction swing, watering in different spots or a tiny area, water in different pattern? Contact us for a satisfactory and complete solution.

As an irrigation specialist, you want to supply your customers with the best product available. You want to offer products that are economical for their lawn and garden irrigation. But you also want to know what you are installing is going to function great too. 

There are many types of sprinklers available on the market. There are also many lawn sprinkler manufacturers but not all will need your needs for economy and quality. Read on to learn about the sprinklers available through our manufacturing. 

Oscillating Sprinklers

Oscillating sprinklers are a popular choice for many homeowners.  They are inexpensive and can cover a large square footage. The oscillating sprinkler goes back and forth and can set for both direction and range. This type of sprinkler is particularly good for large areas, especially ones that are rectangular in shape. 

Keeping a healthy lawn means getting water to each corner of the yard. Our oscillators will cover up to 3400 square feet, can change sprinkler direction and come with a variety of different nozzle types. 

Pulsating Sprinklers

Pulsating sprinklers are also a great choice for covering a large area. The nice feature of a pulsating sprinkler is that you can get them as sprinklers and connect them to a hose or use the pulsating sprinkler heads for in-ground irrigation systems. 

Pulsating sprinklers are capable of shooting a pulsating jet of water. They can cover up to 10,000 square feet of lawn. This type of sprinkler is particularly good for rounded areas and curves in the yard because it moves in a circular motion.

Rotary or Stationary Sprinklers

This type of sprinkler is often used with a hose connection versus an in-ground irrigation system. These are sometimes referred to as fan sprinklers. 

The rotary sprinklers often have three or four arms. When the water is turned on the arms rotate sending water from the sprinkler openings on each arm. They are good for small areas and also rounded or curved areas.

If you have a low water pressure client, the rotary sprinkler might be a good choice. The water comes from the rotating arms very gently and gives the area a gentle watering. 

Tripod Sprinklers

You have probably seen a camera sitting on top of a tripod. The tripod sprinkler works on the same premise. It raises the actual sprinkler up and away from the ground. 

This allows the water to shoot and go greater distances. It also allows the spray of water to go over the top of other plant life that might be higher up than grass height. 

This sprinkler can cover big square footage, up to 5671 square feet, because of its ability to shoot water from on top of the tripod. 

Lawn Sprinkler Manufacturers for Your Customers

If you need any variety of lawn sprinklers for your clients, we have you covered. We also have all the other materials you need to run your irrigation business, from hoses and sprinklers to connectors and timers. As lawn sprinkler manufacturers, we have what you need. 

Contact us today to get more information about our products and how we can help you service your customers.