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GUI YO Industrial (GY) is a Taiwanese company specializing in manufacturing and exporting many kinds of gardening and irrigation products. Sprinklers, Hand Tools, Water Nozzles, Recoil Hoses, and Hose Ending Accessories are its benchmark gardening items.

Experience-based specialization

GUI YO has been a seasoned garden water hose manufacturer committed to innovation for over a decade. The company has extensive manufacturing expertise that has greatly helped it produce a comprehensive range of exclusive, robust, and cost-effective cultivation products in Taiwan.

We have minimized overall manufacturing costs to provide clients with competitive and value-added garden equipment at affordable prices. Hence GY is quickly becoming one of the top supplier firms in Taiwan for assembling the items mentioned above. All thanks to its excellent product quality, low cost, and splendid service.

Diverse product range

In Taiwan, GY fabricates many specialized, durable, and economical products. GUI YO has constantly been monitoring and upgrading manufacturing processes and product quality to offer the most competitive tools to clients. One such line of products is AQUA MATE. AQUA MATE, a branded product range, is now available at practically every retail outlet.

Globalization goal

Meanwhile, GY intends to expand the manufacturing plant and add more sophisticated machinery to provide clients with a whole new set of goods and services. GY contracts items for prominent worldwide brands in North America, Latin America, the EU, the Middle East, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, and Asia. GY’s goods will be the most acceptable option because of the exceptional quality and hundreds of patents granted by the authorities of Taiwan, America, Germany, and Australia.

GY continues to expand modern equipment and machinery to its manufacturing lines to bring down costs and raise product quality. The company has constantly focused on developing novice materials and goods to meet the market demands. GUI YO has imbibed the spirit of globalization, so it delivers only the finest gardening tools and goods to each consumer across the globe.