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With gardening, everyone knows the management of water is the most critical aspect. One of the easy solutions is to have an irrigation system. Water is carried through pipes underground or slightly just above ground adjacent to the crops as in irrigation water (micro-irrigation). Water drips gently over onto the stems and roots of the plants. There are a few types of irrigation systems and accessories available.

Accessories of irrigation system

The irrigation system needs all kinds of accessories. A set of nozzles are arranged in a line in every misting arrangement. Water is channelized via nozzles when connected to high-pressure pumps, generating droplets that dissipate into mist when they encounter the external air.

  • A flat soaker
    A flat soaker hose only has a single side of perforations, allowing the water to travel precisely where you want it to go back to the ground. When on the soil, it cannot roll out of position as circular hoses may. A GUI YO soaker hose is one of the many handy equipment that gardeners may use to make watering their plants as easy as possible. Soaker hoses are distinguished by their appearance.
  • Micro sprinkler
    Micro sprinklers are used to irrigate seasonal crops such as vegetables, onions, potatoes, and nurseries, among other things. It is made of industrial plastic and comes with a variety of connection options. Watering flowers and shrubs with these GUI YO low-volume sprinkler systems is a breeze. It has a lever that allows you to change the spray range from 5 to 10 feet.

Many options are available from all kinds of big, small, micro, or accessories for the irrigation system. Simply attach it to the external faucet and place it at the base of your plants, and it will take care of the rest. If you want one of these, contact us.