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Gardeners may have to confront tough days now and then. That is why they can install an automated sprinkler timer, so they do not miss out on the most important garden job - "Watering". Soaker hoses are made from recycled tyres and are similar in appearance to a vehicle tyre. The surface roughness of the hoses conceals millions of microscopic holes through which water might gently seep into the soil.

GUI YO offers lawn and garden soaker hose kits with lengths ranging from 7.5 meters to 20 meters and various hose connections and soaker hose accessories. With a trowel, a hardwood stick, or a yardstick, you can easily measure the output of a soaker hose.

A slow yet effective irrigation

The ability of a soaker hose to water the soil uniformly and gently is its principal USP. With a gardening tool like a soaker hose, evaporation wastes no precious water. Plus, water is supplied steadily to the roots. Soaker hose watering keeps the soil moist but not wet while keeping the foliage fresh.

Soaker hoses offer consistent water at ground level, ensuring that your plants' foliage stays dry and free from fungal development. It is simple to set up a soaker hose: simply connect it to a nearby faucet or water barrel and run it around the plants you wish to water.

Soaker hoses do not normally require pressure regulators. By releasing or limiting the flow from the faucet, you may adjust the water intensity. Soaker hose gardening is convenient since the hoses stay in place, eliminating the requirement to pull bulky hoses each time you need to irrigate.

To attach the hoses to the water supply, you will need adapters and a tip cover for each section. Interconnects or levers may be required for a more complex system to enable easy switching from one region to another.

Soaker hoses best serve smaller gardens on flat ground. In most situations, they need a low initial investment, are simple to install and configure by slithering the hose around plants. Use our soaker hose to make a significant difference to your garden irrigation. Contact us here to drop your inquiry.