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The majority of bugs are beneficial and are of significant use to the garden. Pollinators, for example, come in a wide variety of sizes and forms. However, there are occasions when pests, like wasps, congregate in one area and become an inconvenience or even deadly for the plants.

Insects may be a major issue, especially in the drylands. Insect traps are primarily used to control or research insect populations. Chemical attractants, fragrances, food, and visual attractions can be used as bait.

The bait comes in a variety of forms. Baits containing a specific concentration of alcohol are typically quite efficient since this type of trap is mostly employed for beetles that are drawn to (over) ripe berries.

The greenway to eliminate unwanted pests

When it comes to pest management, adopting sustainable methods is critical in today's world. Bottle-Top Insect Traps are both practical and cost-effective. GUI YO bottle-top bug traps are non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and provide natural pest management. All you need to do is place the bait in a recycled container.

How do the bottle-top insects trap work?

This bottle-cap trap is a wonderful solution for preserving gardening goods, and you can use it to catch a wide range of insects. Place the necessary bait, screw the bottle into the trap, and hang it where biting bugs are an issue.

With the collection of 6 Bottle Insect Traps, you can get rid of those pesky pests. Fill a bottle halfway with sugar water and securely put on this plastic cap with the built-in trap. Wasps are attracted to yellow traps, while flies are attracted to blue traps, pushing them away from your harvest. Each one is 1 7/8" dia. x 2 3/8" H.

For any gardener, pests and flies are a major issue. If you are concerned about pests such as blue flies or yellow wasps, contact us, and we will assist you in protecting your garden and the quality of the flora produced.

No pesticides necessary
Reusable Recyclable
Safe & Easy to Use

Bottle-Top Insects Traps are Convenient and Economical.
Clear the air of pesky bugs with this set of 6 Bottle Insect Traps. Fill a bottle with sugar water and tightly screw on this plastic top with its built-in trap. The yellow traps capture wasps, and the blue traps attract flies, keeping them far away from your gathering. 1 7/8" dia.x 2 3/8" H, each.