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A pet water fountain is a device designed exclusively for your pet, such as dogs, cats, and birds, and designed to provide them with safe, clean water throughout the day. A pet water fountain is a pitcher or bowl that constantly provides your pet with a fresh, treated water supply.

It is a self-contained drinking water fountain that connects to the outside valve. The gadget is activated by a sonar-based temporal proximity detection, which turns on when your pet advances and shuts off when your pet leaves.

How does the automatic pet fountain work?

The GUI YO mechanical pet fountains feature a 2-litre capacity tank and provide fresh water on demand. For outdoor usage, it connects to a regular garden hose; a float valve guarantees immediate pressure shutdown.

A pet drinking fountain is a utensil that provides your pet with a constant supply of fresh, filtered water. The fountains come in a wide range of styles, ensuring something for every pet. For indoor usage, the fountain attaches to a pet soft-drink bottle.

Automatic Pet Fountain Features

  • Ideal for dogs, cats and birds.
  • 2 liter capacity.
  • Continuous supply of fresh water.
  • Connects to a standrd garden hose for outdoor use-float valve ensures automatic pressure shut off.
  • Connects to a pet soft-drink bottle for indoor use (bottle not included).

Benefits of an automatic fountain.

If you buy a high-quality fountain like this one, it will also include a filtration system. You may efficiently eliminate germs by employing a more modern filtering system, giving your pet a safe, reliable drinking water source.

The instincts of a pet are stimulated by the flow of water in a fountain. In a pet fountain, the water itself is more attractive than the water flow. A fountain's water is relatively free of unpleasant odours or flavours that can deter your pet from consuming it.

As dog or cat owners, you constantly want to provide the best for your pets. However, with several products available, it may be not easy to know which ones genuinely keep your fur babies happy and healthy. Please contact us to locate the ideal fit for your four-legged companions.