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Employing stainless steel and high carbon steel, our specially designed garden hand tools have done great jobs in small garden, nursery, and lawn maintenance for weeding, soil loosening, transplanting, and pruning. In addition to a long service life without corrosion, we have strived with innovative ergonomics designs to facilitate easy and labor-saving digging, pruning, composting, and lawn maintenance for long period of time.

Features of pruning shears

  • Stainless steel blade.
  • Handle with comfortable, non-slip grips (material: PVC).
  • Durability and deluxe accuracy.
  • Suitable for cutting fruit, flower, leaf branch, leaves, paper and miniature garden.
  • Spring loaded action automatically opens blades after each cut.

The correct tools are one of the first things you will need. Gardeners' hand tools have descended from the oldest agricultural instruments used by humankind. Hatchet, axe, sickle, blade, pitchfork, scoop, trowel, shovel, hoe, spoon, and rake are some examples. The machete may also be used as a garden implement in some regions.

Vegetables, flowers, leaf twigs, leaves, cardboard, and tiny gardens may all be cut with hand tools. For ease of use and speedier cutting, they have a spring-loaded mechanism that automatically opens blades after every cut. Due to the sheer comfortable, non-slip gripping made of PVC material, anyone could easily use these hand tools.

The Durability

The specifically developed garden hand tools, made of stainless steel and high carbon steel, have performed admirably in the weeding, soil softening, transferring, and trimming in small gardens, nurseries, and lawns.

We have endeavoured with novel ergonomics designs to permit simple and labour-saving digging, trimming, recycling, and lawn upkeep for extended periods, in combination with durability without corrosion.

Gui Yo's range of hand tools

Hand sweeping, seeding, potting on, and seed sowing are just a few of the tasks that a decent garden hand trowel can help with. A hard fork is a valuable tool for planting in the garden since it can easily break up compacted and clay soil and cut through rocky terrain. There are several gardening types of equipment that gardeners can use to assess the soil quality and assist you in choosing suitable plants. Another important tool is the trowel; it has a long wooden handle and a rectangular-shaped metal trowel. You can use a spade to dig holes, move sand, turf, or move soil from one location to another. Once acquired, spades may last for a long time. For optimal gardening, make use of our equipment. These instruments are available at extremely affordable prices on our website; contact us for an estimate and exciting discounts.
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