Water Jet Power Washer, Power Washer Jet

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Power Washer
  • Power Washer Jet
  • Power Washer Jet
  • Power Washer Jet
  • Connection
    • Thread your power washer to your garden hose like you would any garden hose attachement.
  • Control
    • The power washer has a variable flow control valve.
    • Turn level from OFF position to full power spray or any where in-between.
  • Spray style
    • The power washer comes with two interchangeable brass tips.
    • One tip for pointed power stream and one for wide power fan spray.
    • Turn flow control valve to OFF position. Thread desire tip onto Power washer.
    • Store unused brassed tip in handy tip holder.
  • Application
    • Eliminate dirt and mold from outdoor surfaces.
    • Remove stubborn bulid up from your RV or truck.
    • Clear weeds debris from driveways, deck pavers, and sidewalks.
    • Clean salt water off boats, marine and fishing equipment.
    • Hundreds of uses.