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Watering plants may appear to be a simple task, yet it is the one on which I spend the most time educating new employees. You should water plants in your yard from all sides and with various water arrangements and sprinkling settings. A water wand is a device that attaches to the end of a hose pipe and lowers the water pressure without reducing the flow.

Benefits of a water wand

The gentle rain-like spray from a water wand does not burst and crush fragile saplings, young new vegetation, or delicate blossoms, unlike the other sprayers, which is one of the advantages of utilizing one for, especially small or tender plants.

Regulate the water volume and particular pattern strength all by yourself, without harming the delicate plant seedlings or degrading the soil. It imitates natural rain on plants, ensuring they are not overwatered and suffer little stem or leaf damage.

Optional spray functions include five phases of 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 patterns and handles and attachments in a variety of colours and functions. It can irrigate plants that are difficult to reach, far off or taller than a standard watering hand nozzle can access.

Perfect for home gardens

A garden hose wand that lets you reach out to plants without stooping down and hurting your back. It is ideal for a compact garden in which a sophisticated irrigation system would be overkill for only a few flowers/crops. If you have overhanging baskets, these will spare you the trouble of reaching them.

Water wands are also excellent instruments for decreasing insect assaults. You may adjust the sprayer to be soft enough not to harm plants while being vigorous enough to drive insects off their feet and drown them.

Our helpful tools allow you to enjoy the full process of growing plants, from germination to harvest. We are sure your plants would enjoy the water wand showers too! Get in touch with us today to obtain the ideal water wand for your gardening needs.

Watering plants in your garden from every angle and uniformly with multiple water patterns and spraying angles. Control the water volume and pattern strength single handedly without damaging the fragile plant seedlings or causing soil degradation. Our useful tools help you enjoy the entire process of plants from seeding to grownup.

  • Features
    Optional spray functions along with handles and accessories of different colors and functions
  • Length
    Fixed: 18", 28", 36"
    Extractable: 36”~60” (150 cm)
  • Handle
    Thumb/ Front lever handle/ Front trigger
  • Function
    Five steps of 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 pattern
Water Wand FunctionsWater Wand

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