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Watering lawns and garden beds have never been easier. GUI YO offers a variety of sprayer and nozzle styles. There are 11 alternatives available to suit your preferences, ranging in garden size and plant characteristics. Simply move the knob to get what you want for irrigation of the plants, from mild and moderate sprinkling to concentrated and strong shooting.

Quality Material

Our product design prioritizes user convenience and efficiency. The GUI YO trigger nozzle is available in two materials:

  • Plastic trigger nozzles in various qualities such as ABS, PP, and POM. The plastic made nozzles dry rapidly and function well with manufactured pieces that are tight-fitting. There is little danger of rust destroying the covers and causing the spray cannon to malfunction.
  • Meta Zinc Alloy / Aluminium Alloy / Copper are some of the metal trigger nozzles available. One of the ideal materials for a sprinkler nozzle is metal. Many people choose metal nozzles because of their good quality. You can complete the work more quickly since you can do greater assignments.

It is effectively a trigger-style nozzle on a portable device. The nozzle also has a variety of handle and switch designs, as well as customizable turning inclinations, burst or continuous spraying, and many other features.

How does the nozzle work?

To use the hose trigger nozzle, squeeze the trigger on the handle to regulate the flow of water and point the tip of the nozzle wherever you want the water to shoot. The trigger controls the distance and pressure of the water stream.

Want to choose spray nozzles that will last and function for the project at hand? At GUI YO's we provide you with many such alternatives. For additional information on our diverse selection of gardening equipment and nozzles, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Ideal for watering lawns and flower beds.

If you need different types of trigger nozzle and sprayer pattern, we have 11 options to meet your needs of varying garden size and plant attributes. From soft and gentle sprinkling to focused and powerful jetting, merely turn the knob and you will get what you want for watering your garden.
The trigger nozzle may be made of plastic or metallic material; it comes with different handles and switch design, adjustable turning angle, burst or lasting spraying, and many more options. Our product design is focused at enabling user comfort and professionalism.

Trigger Nozzles' Gun Spray Functions

Gun Spray Functions

5- 11 Patterns: Jet/ Angle/ Shower/ Shower+Center/ Center/ Cone/ Flat/ Fan/ Flow/ Mist/ Soaker
More information about garden hose sprayer's patterns, please browse the detail page.


Plastic(ABS / PP /POM )
Metal (Zinc Alloy / Aluminum Alloy / Copper)

Surface treatment

lating, coating, anodic treatment)