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A hose reel is a device that coils and winds up a certain type of hose to make it easier to maintain and safeguard it from tangles and rupture. Garden hose or water hose reels are manufactured in various styles and sizes, but their eventual purpose is the same: to keep a water hose straight, clean, and out of the way while also protecting it from harmful elements.

Variety of hose reels

GUI YO hose reel manufacturers and distributors produce a wide range of garden hose and reel products, including standard hose reels, micro hose reels, portable hose reels, hose reel hangers, and garden hose hangers, among others.

  • Hose Reels (Traditional)
    Traditional hose reels are normally fixed; however, some include two wheels on the back to make them more mobile. A crank is included in all conventional models, allowing you to manually wind the garden hose on to reel to make the garden presentable.
  • Hose Reels on Wheels
    Hose reels that are movable or portable are configured similar to a hand truck or upright hand dolly. Hose reels with a hand crank for rewinding the hose onto the reel can be driven around on rubber wheels or heavy-duty rollers.

Hose accessories

It is possible to tuck away your hose reel nicely not to make the garden look untidy. A standalone hose holder/hanger is a basic hose attachment. It does not come with a crank, so you will have to coil the hose yourself and position it on the hose holder. If you have a tiny store, it is a wonderful solution.

Use a detachable hose reel to save effort. You would not have to wind or spin the hose manually since it mechanically reels it in. Gently pull the hose back into the reel, which will begin to retract, wrapping up the remainder of the hose. Contact us now for more information.