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Watering is a must to raise a healthy garden. Even though you could go over there with a hose numerous time each week, use a sprinkler instead to save some time. It is a very good guess that when individuals consider a sprinkler on a residential garden, they are probably thinking of an oscillating sprinkler.

Oscillating sprinklers blast water up into the air through several nozzles positioned in a line through an oscillating bar. The jets are angled differently to ensure that the spraying zone is equally covered. The adjustment on most oscillating sprinklers regulates how far the sprinkler oscillates on either side.

How to use an oscillating sprinkler

Switch the direction of the nozzle to change the direction of the sprinkler. The sprinkler has a maximum coverage of 3400 sq. ft. with 18 nozzles and four water patterns. All you have to do is select the target area and water in quick, easy, and water-saving ways. A long tube with several spray holes is used in these sprinklers. Water pours out of the perforations after the sprinkler has accumulated enough pressure, and the water pressure causes the tube to move back and forth.

  • Turn the direction knob to change the sprinkle direction.
  • Maximum coverage: 3400 sq. ft.
  • 18 nozzles with 4 water patterns.
  • Select the target area and water in ways that are quick, easy, and water saving.
  • Optional metallic and plastic base with aluminum tube and plastic jet: durable and corrosion resistant.

One sprinkler will run for a long time.

The oscillating sprinkler has an optional metallic and plastic base with an aluminium tube and plastic jet. It is durable and corrosion resistant.

If you own a rectangular-shaped garden with no barriers, the oscillating sprinkler is a good choice because it will often reach the whole yard if properly installed. Remember that each yard is unique and requires different watering tactics and sprinkler alternatives. Contact us now to find out what type of sprinkler you will need.

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